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Web Developer / Data Management / Cycling / Photography


I'm a bike riding, coffee drinking, web developer. A simple and laid-back person who lives in Texas, but has an itch to escape to the Pacific Northwest...great coffee...fresh air...get it? I can also be a problem solver. When I dive into a project, the rest of the world gets tuned out...sorry. Who watches every stage of the Tour de France? Me...seriously! Other fun facts about me are, I've only seen the film Scarface once and fell asleep in the middle of it. No, there's nothing wrong with me. My only slight interest in the Star Wars Saga is that Leigh Bracket wrote "The Empire Strikes Back"; she was an amazing writer. Finally, I own a Mac but hate being lumped in with the rest of "Mac People". A computer is a tool. The only correct one to use, is the one with the tools to perform the tasks you need. Or, in my case, the one you need to make tools for others.


I love photography. Whether it's taking pictures on vacation, of friends and family or of everyday things, pictures inspire me to create. Here are a few albums of people, places and pets that I love.


I spend a lot of time on two wheels! My first ride was to support cancer survivors and their families in the 2013 LIVESTRONG Austion Bike Challenge. I've also riden in the Tour de Houston, Tour De Braz and Bike for Mike charity rides. It's not just exercise, it's also the way I get to work.

VA Loans (Responsive Design)

The VALoans.com re-design was started by taking the original ColdFusion site and re-writing it in PHP. Migrating to a MySQL database engine was the second step, for faster data deployment and better CMS integration. Adding a Twitter Bootstrap based CMS adds more user generated dynamic content. Finally, a custom responsive CSS makes the site usable on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.